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JBoss Recollections - Part 5 - The Business Team

I have covered other JBoss Recollections previously: 1. Early Years, 2. Forming the Strategy, 3. Tech Team, and 4. VC Funding.

Of course any real business needs business people to drive success and growth. Here were the key hires by date and some stories behind each. Looking back, I still think we made the right decisions on each of these great people as well as the timing and order of their hiring. That was one of the many lucky things that happened to make JBoss successful.

Ben Sabrin - 2001 - Ben was at JBoss before I got there. I've talked about Ben in the earlier recollections, but I would be remiss to not mention his significant contributions to JBoss. He figured out that customers wanted to buy from JBoss before almost anyone.

Tom Leonard - 12/03 - I knew that the key thing about making JBoss successful as a business was credibility. And there were two major ways to earn that credibility from a business perspective - Significant Partnerships and Significant Deals. And I ha…