What a workout!

The Moorestown Distance crew had an outstanding workout this Saturday. Probably the best one we have ever had - and we are only one week into the season!

The reason we are able to run so well is the ton of long slow distance so many of the guys did this winter. We had over a dozen guys running at least 40 miles per week!

The target was 2 or 3 times one mile - with each one being a faster time. We had several guys set personal records on their second and third miles (even after a hard first mile). The three stooges had a simply awesome workout - starting at 5:20, then dropping under 5:00 for the next two. It was fun to watch everyone cheer them on the last two laps!

Ryan had the breakout performance of the day, and has established himself as a serious runner after a great winter of 50 mile weeks. He will definitely be challenging for one of the very difficult Top 7 spots in the coming cross country season.

Matt also ran a great workout by himself the day before due to a trip this weekend - he is on track for a very nice season. Congrats also to Wylie, Micah, Nate, Ted, Jason, Steve, Brendan, and Andy on a great and fast start to the season. Sorry Alex was not feeling well enough for this one - I'm sure he would have run fast...


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