Do you want to make your web site more engaging?

I was meeting with the CMO of a large e-commerce company yesterday talking about the use of social networking approaches for existing web sites. He echoed what he felt was most compelling about Ringside’s plans:

“If you go to any person responsible for a major web site and ask them if they want to find a way to make their web site more engaging to their users and create better ways to lead new users to their site, they will all say ‘YES!’. And it is obvious that making social applications a part of the web site will do just that.”

Of course being in the e-commerce business he needs to see proof and an ROI on the promise of increased user engagement and virality with the big social networks. Right now this company is dipping their toe in the water by opening up their own web services to allow affiliates to build applications in the large social networks – thus driving traffic and sales towards them.

Later this week and into next week I plan on doing a series of blogs about the benefits of social applications for existing web sites, and then look at some of the financial trade-offs of investing in your own web site versus spending money on advertising. Basically, does it make sense to make your own web site better by using social networking approaches?


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