Ringside Site Connect

Ringside is bringing the power of the Social Web to any website in two very simple, yet powerful services. Yesterday, we released a demonstration of the idea that any website could easily integrate the idea of Social Activities. Today, we are releasing a demo of our new Ringside Site Connect, which is meant to allow any website with a set of users to allow those users to become social.

Many websites have large and dedicated user bases. Ringside Site Connect provides a simple way for those users to connect with each other within the website, as well as reach out and map users in the large Social Networks like Facebook and MySpace.

In this demonstration, we have shown how the Food Network website could be extended to allow their users to connect thru a social application for people with similar tastes in recipes.

In this application, the Food Network:
- Enables users to login
- Chooses which applications are available (they can use any Open Social or Facebook application, or develop their own)
- Has full access to the user’s social graph

Ringside Site Connect:
- Accepts the identity of the user from the Food Network
- Provides the hosting for the social applications
- Provides the hosting for the Food Network’s social graph

Over the coming weeks, we will be putting up more demonstrations as well as explaining the technology behind it. We will also be looking for early adopter customers who will work with us to test this service out before releasing it broadly. Let us know if you have an interesting need.


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