Spring – Hyperic - the future of Internet Infrastructure

Spring announced today that they acquired Hyperic (I have been on the board at Hyperic since 2006 and known them since JBoss decided to use HQ as the foundation of the JBoss Network in 2005).

This is the future. The past has been about J2EE Application Servers, Operating Systems, Servers, heavy-weight Enterprise Middleware and Systems Management. The past has burdened companies with high costs and inflexible environments that do not allow them to respond to market and customer dynamics.

Over the past couple of years and into the next several years a new architecture has taken hold. Built around the flexibility of the Internet. Cloud Services. Virtualization. These are the things that let companies take advantage of rapid market shifts and to achieve much lower cost levels. Traditional Middleware and Systems Management have not kept up with this new environment.

The combination of Spring and Hyperic provides the Internet Infrastructure for new business applications to be deployed on. The dramatically lower costs of Spring development and deployment are proven in the market with the huge market share and shift from the heavy weight J2EE model. Hyperic now adds the full lifecycle of management to this dynamic infrastructure.

There are two interesting synergies between the companies:
1. They both provide a smooth migration from the past. Over 50% of J2EE App Servers actually use Spring based models. And Hyperic has become the defacto management platform for Internet based applications, not to mention the fact that the JBoss Management products are based on Hyperic HQ.
2. Both companies have been investing directly into the Cloud. This benefits companies hosting their own Cloud services, as well as customers of Cloud services like Amazon and Google. Analysts and partners name both companies to their list of leaders in this space.

Spring is showing the type of leadership and partnership capabilities to make it the leader in Internet Application Infrastructure in this new world.


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