Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jenkins Upgrades

Thought I would post some of the Twitter messages about upgrading to Jenkins or new Jenkins Plugins over the past 5 days. Nice list...

atonewell Lee
Upgraded our build server from @hudsonci to @jenkinsci today. Painless.

redspot357 Andreas Simon
mission accomplished: #continuousintegration with @jenkinsci #maven #cuke4duke #selenium-webdriver

_godin_ Evgeny Mandrikov
Gentoo Ebuild for #JenkinsCi 1.398 available : http://code.google.com/p/godin-gentoo-repository/wiki/Jenkins

tomhe Tomas Hellberg
Migrated all Autoliv #HudsonCI production servers to #JenkinsCI. Went smoothly as expected.

msonnabaum msonnabaum
Setting up automated testing for #drush using @jenkinsci.

Lewisham Chris Lewis
This is what a bad couple of days looks like #jenkinsci http://skit.ch/bg6a

orrc Christopher
Android Plugin for #jenkinsci now lets you control hardware properties (e.g. RAM size, keyboard present/not) http://bit.ly/gjtrQ8

jenkins_release Jenkins releases
RAD Builder Plugin 1.1.3 #jenkinsci

mitchblevins Mitch Blevins
Since the split, I've seen 7 brand new plugins on the @jenkinsci mailing list, zero for @hudsonci. Valid metric?

buildscientist Youssuf ElKalay
Just finished migrating from #HudsonCI to @jenkinsci - what was everyone so worried about? Seamless upgrade - easy peasy.

9200feet Jon Archer
@simongh not sure how comparable it is, but I've recently set up @jenkinsci and it's very nice, lightweight...just works.

jeffl8n Jeff Layton
Took longer to make a backup of the old Hudson directory than the actual @jenkinsci upgrade I just finished up at work

#jenkinsci Japanese Localization http://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JA/Japanese+Localization を修正

yoavlandman Yoav Landman
Moved all development of the #Artifactory plugin from #HudsonCI to #JenkinsCI git: github.com/jenkinsci/arti… home: wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKIN…

dllmr Mike Dillamore
Moving assorted software builds to Rake to go onto a @jenkinsci server. Not glamorous, but it needs doing.

littlesanga Tim Sampson
#jenkinsci publish-build plugin just removed a substantial amount of hassle from my life. Thank you plugin authors and @sti

SuperTux88 Benjamin Neff
http://jenkins.coding4coffee.org/job/TD2k11%20Vortrag%20Mockito%20und%20Powermock/ continuous integration for #latex with #jenkinsci #EPIC

gmccance Gavin McCance
Setting up @jenkinsci to bring automated build and test to the CERN compute facility operations. #cern #devops

buildndeploy Brian Kelly
Created a #git repo for my #maven powered #docbook project. #jenkinsci now building it. Need password-less checkout with @unfuddle next.

anickelsen Anders Nickelsen
Setting up automatic deployment of 4-stage build pipeline; dev (in @virtualbox), integration, QA and prod (in cloud) #jenkinsci #puppet

ssogabe ssogabe
#jenkinsci persona plugin ビルドのステータス毎にメッセージを指定できるように修正

thaberkern Timo Haberkern
PEAR on Windows can be so annoying sometimes. Setting up a #jenkinsci on a fresh Win 2008 Server. Everything is working except PEAR :(

ssogabe ssogabe
#jenkinsci Email-ext plugin 2.11 released. See http://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Email-ext+plugin orz

el_joni Joni K
Pls tell if my #StackOverflow answer/rambling on #JenkinsCI-#HudsonCI situ has glaring errors or omissions :] http://j.mp/h4vVMG @JenkinsCI

garethr Gareth Rushgrove
Whoot. Have @jenkinsci building a ruby project and, if the unit tests pass, deploying to @brightbox staging environment for functional tests

tfnico T. Ferris Nicolaisen
Neat #jenkinsci Walldisplay plugin just ticked in on the mailing list. Screenshot: http://bit.ly/hINC54 src: http://bit.ly/hycT5y

thesleepyvegan Ted Pennings
Upgraded to @jenkinsci from Hudson. Super easy. Good riddance Oracle.

onelin onelin
I switched all of our production Hudson deployments to Jenkins on Friday - no issues. Go Jenkins! #jenkinsci

bmathus Baptiste MATHUS
Dream has become reality (demo video, *must see*): http://is.gd/LnrZsw Gonna install that asap at work! #git #gerrit #jenkinsci

absj31 absj31
RT @kiy0taka: jenkins-assemblerリリース! code.google.com/p/jenkins-asse… #jenkinsci #griffon

yusukey 山本 裕介
@jenkinsci where can i get the "powered by Jenkins" like banner? I want put it on http://bit.ly/eqkjoP

jeremymurray Jeremy Murray
Gimp's nightlies have switched from BuildBot to Jenkins. #jenkinsci http://www.chromecode.com/2011/02/why-gimp-28-is-not-released-yet.html

GiulianoBR GiulianoBR
RT @littlesanga: in other news: the #jenkinsci dependency graph plugin is lovely.

jautero Juha Autero
Hint for #jenkinsci #python plugin users. Start your build script with: import sys,os sys.path.append(os.environ["WORKSPACE"])

bmathus Baptiste MATHUS
Just discovered an interesting #jenkinsci plugin: #scriptler centralized #groovy script catalog (instead of wiki: http://is.gd/65tC5m)

armmer Jason Meridth
@jenkinsci for the record: i love your product and this is a meh conversation :) kudos for the hard work.

stutsmansoft Stutsman Software
@joakime @jenkinsci is one of the best Open Sores apps out there. It's quality.

@giulianobr: I just move our #hudsonci to #jenkinsci, it's was easy and very fast! #great #win #jenkins #ci

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ken Olsen - RIP

I just got news that Ken Olsen has passed away. It makes me sad. It makes me recall his influences on my life.

In 1981 I was getting my MBA at night while working as an engineer at Leeds & Northrup designing local area networks built to the joint Xerox/Intel/DEC Ethernet Specification. I had my sights set on becoming a product manager, and figured I needed to understand why people buy. I started looking for a sales job and ended up going to Digital Equipment Corporation. I went for a couple of reasons. First, they had a policy where they did not pay sales people commissions so they would act in the best interests of the customer. That felt right to me. Second, the people were amazing. Third, they were growing very fast and there was a lot of opportunity. When I joined revenues were about $1 B, and when I left 11 years later they were over $13 B. Pretty fast growth for back in those days...

Once I got inside, it was amazing to see the culture. It was a combination of people trying to make each other successful, where individuals were empowered. There was a one page document that everyone had that laid out the very meaning of the company and defined the culture. Everyone there could summarize it in the same four words - "Do the Right Thing". And you knew what that meant - it would make your mother proud of you. It would make Ken proud of you.

Ken was a larger than life figure. Everyone in the company called him "Ken". The casualness was still new and refreshing back then in corporate America. By the time I got there, Digital had developed into a Matrix organization. While this was popular, I think Ken set it up purposefully to try to give more people more responsibility and try to avoid the Top-Down model.

During my time there a flurry of new products were created across the entire spectrum of hardware, software and networking. Innovation flowed because people were encouraged to create startups right inside the company.

I had a wonderful job for several years servicing the duPont Experimental Station. A place with 3,000 PhD's on what looked like a college campus inside a barbed wire fence using computers in new and interesting ways. It developed into a big customer on the cutting edge. Due to the culture, I was able to help introduce some of the DEC engineering teams to new ideas and got to be in the middle of a couple of interesting new developments like the deployment of a campus-wide Local Area Network as well as one of the first VAXClusters. Both were considered the largest in the world at that time. Ken actually came down to visit us once and I got to attend some meetings between the top research management at duPont and Ken. I then got to drive him back to the DEC office.

He talked about how the company had grown so large and complex and in some ways he wished we could focus on only a couple of products so everyone would know what the company did - employees, customers, the market. But he felt that he needed to let people have responsibility and with that there was a degree of chaos and change. He liked all the innovation. I could sense that he struggled with the idea of breaking the company up so that the many innovations could be unleashed from the growing corporate bureaucracy.

A few years later, it became clear that Digital had missed new waves of computing that were springing up. There were actually Digital people and products in each of those areas - UNIX was first created on DEC PDP computers and the VAX was the leading UNIX computer at the time. The Robin was originally loaned to Dan Bricklin to write Visicalc - the app that made the first wave of PC's appeal to business, however the Digital manager did not let him have it for long enough and he wrote it on a PC.

This left Ken with a legacy (although I prefer this one from 1988) much like Scott McNealy and Sun. A cruel reminder of the pace of change in this industry.

I credit Coach Gulden, my college coach, with teaching me the value of teamwork. I credit Ken with teaching me and countless other Digital alumni the value of sharing responsibility, helping to make others successful. And knowing that doing the right thing IS the right thing.

Thanks Ken.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jenkins - Hudson Thoughts

There has been a lot of emotion and effort over the past several months regarding the split of Hudson and Jenkins. I obviously have ties to Kohsuke, and tend to side with him on the Jenkins movement. Certainly the general public reaction has been strongly in favor of Jenkins, which is really encouraging.

Stepping back a bit, I think this winds up being a good thing since it has created a sense of competition in the market and made room for two approaches.

Certainly the Jenkins community has a renewed sense of energy from the old Hudson community. The ideas that have emerged over the past couple of months seem to be getting a lot of momentum - improved quality, improved communications, open governance, improved documentation and roadmaps and so forth. It is clear the community is much larger than just Kohsuke. It is also clear that very large users are moving to Jenkins and have confidence in this community.

On the old Hudson side, Oracle and Sonatype have stepped in with a new approach. They have defined their own roadmap and they have their own perspectives on how things should be done. It looks like they will be following a process much closer to Maven. It is kind of a shame that Oracle did not put more resources on the project until this whole upheaval. It is also a shame that Sonatype did not contribute code to the community until they could really control the roadmap.

I think this boils down to two types of approaches to software development and open source. Both approaches have proven successful in the past - no one can argue with the success of Kohsuke's Hudson or Jason's Maven. I tend to like the release early and often and having open communications approach that the Jenkins community is using. In any event, I think users of Jenkins and Hudson will tend to benefit from the increased energy and having a choice. It will be interesting to watch as things unfold.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January Solar Panel Production

Well, my first month of producing energy. 290 KWH. Close to 10 KWH per day. About enough to light 100 light bulbs for an hour...

You can read more on the solar panel installation on my earlier blog.