Massive Open Online Courses

Really interesting article on a new wave of teaching/learning - Massive Open Online Courses.

"160,000 students in 190 countries enrolled in an Artificial Intelligence ... An additional 200 registered for the course on campus."
 Three things jump to mind.

1. This works only when students are motivated.  So it might not work for the average high school student.  On the other hand it rewards those with the motivation to learn something new.

2.  This flattens the world.  No longer does someone need to live in a good school district or go to the best college.  Anyone with an Internet connection can take advantage of the best educational opportunities.

3.  Economics - for both the student and the teacher/institution.  For students this is obviously a way to get access to great material without paying $50k per year from Stanford.  For educational institutions there are several business models that can generate more revenue from a course.  And there will be a new wave of competition to get to brand and tap this new market for colleges and others.

I really do love the thought of having more people across the world having more opportunities.  I'm feeling the glass is more than half full today!


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