I’ve just gotten back from our announcement of Ringside Networks at OSBC and SNAP in San Francisco. The feedback and encouragement was very nice, and it seems we may have hit a need in the market. We are only at Beta level right now, but will be in production by June. Hopefully we will have a couple of sites up and running our software in the next week or two.

Our team worked very hard – a big thank you to Rich Friedman, Jason Kinner, Mark Lugert, Mike Schachter, Bill Reichert, Brian Robinson, Jeff Kiesel, Rich Frisbie and the dozen or so “Friends of Ringside” who helped us get so much done. I’ve always believed that killer teams can produce a lot in a short period of time – and this team has delivered. Try out the software today by downloading it here.

Here are some of the highlights from the press and blogosphere:

“This sounds incredibly cool. It means that existing corporate websites can be made socially aware.”

“Ringside Networks on Tuesday plans to announce an open-source server for running social applications on existing Web sites, Facebook, and other social-networking destinations in the future.” – Martin Lamonica, CNet

Social Apps Set Free: Ringside Networks to Port Facebook Apps to Web… That's just the beginning. The goal is to offer a system that integrates social applications across any site on the web. – Marshall Kirkpatrick -

“If you've thought about beginning to socially network on the web but aren't quite sure how to harness the power, a new application from Ringside Networks may be of help. The application makes it simple for any website or business to incorporate Facebook applications into the sites.” – Kristina Knight – Biz Report

Ringside Networks today announced the first Social Application Server in open source that seamlessly integrates Facebook applications with a Web site. I think Ringside Networks is onto something. – Peter Varhol – -

The company is making it particularly easy for coders to build and run applications on Facebook’s platform by utilizing it’s so-called “social application engine,” which enables the transfer, or “sharing,” of Facebook user information. - Paul Glazowski

The new company's product will enable integration of social networking applications into any Web site. – Daryl Taft, EWeek -

This new offering is extremely useful for companies because they will be able to rapidly integrate with multiple social networks. Ringside is positioning themselves for enterprise level social development. Figuring out how to integrate with existing social networks is a complex task for businesses and this new application could make the process substantially easier. – Nick O’Neill – allfacebook, the unofficial facebook blog. -


Ringside Networks is going to unveil an open-source social application server to help customers seamlessly integrate Facebook applications with any Web site. – Michael Hickens – Ziff-Davis Enterprise

I think that they are onto something big with two interesting differentiators: 1) open source and 2) the ability for the resulting app to run both on websites and in facebook. – Edwin Khodabakchian -

Ringside Networks, launching this week, is focused on building technology that bridges the gap between social and business applications and does so through an open source product offering. – Javier Soltero, Hyperic

In this case, the business model is doubly interesting, as it aims at a hybrid of SaaS and in-house technologies: part of the pitch is that social applications are too important to be captive to third-parties. – Greg Pavlik -

Ringside Networks is going to be a very interesting company that complements Drupal in useful ways. The notion of an open source social networking application server is new, but I think Bob Bickel is onto something. – Jeff Whatcott, Acquia -

Ringside has built an open source platform which existing business sites or any site really, can use to integrate Facebook applications into their own sites. Businesses can thus bring a key social awareness into their sites, leveraging the network to increase their brand presence and extend their corporate identity. - Killer Startups -

Open Source "Social App Server" Might Crack Garden Walls? Companies that want to build social applications (for runners sharing times at Runlicious) or socially aware marketing programs (like Jeep owners sharing pictures and videos) will be able to use social servers to develop the whole thing on their own websites. Their brand on their site instead of their brand on Facebook next to the "get help for your gambling problem" advertisement.– Jim Stogdill, O’Reilly Radar -

Ringside Networks, el nuevo Open Source para redes sociales


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