Identity Mapping

Your website wants to start taking advantage of social networking, but you don’t want to put a drag on your users and make them create a whole profile over again.

Ringside Networks has implemented Identity Mapping to simplify the job of a website as well as make things easy for your users. This is a practical, secure, and private way to making your website more social and engaging and enabling your visitors to spread the news via word-of-mouth easily. Let’s look at how it works:

For example, a new user visits your web site and you offer them the opportunity to register with their Facebook User ID. Your users don’t need to remember two passwords anymore! You can present them information from your website and Facebook mixed together where it makes sense, and update information to their Facebook account as it makes sense. You can also take data from them for your web site directly - for example an order for your product and their credit card.

The picture says it all. The user sees a picture of themself and their address and phone number (all coming from Facebook), and they see their credit card number and product ordered coming from your web site.

Our approach to identity mapping is open - so you can hook in your existing database of users, or build a whole new user database with profiles if you like.

This is a simple and elegant solution to the issues of data portability, security, and multiple passwords that the boom in social networking has highlighted as a huge need on the web.

We’ll have two of our Alpha customers that we will be announcing right before the Web 2.0 Conference on April 22. Stay tuned for more details!


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