eXo - Putting all the Announcements in Perspective

It has been a very busy and exciting month for eXo. Our goal is quite simple - help Java shops modernize their existing enterprise transactional/RDB oriented applications. We are doing this with open source technology solutions and a growing set of partners.

Here are the highlights:
1. Rolled out all of our Open Source implementations of our Solutions, including:
2. Rolled out a whole new website. The cool thing about this is the eXo Resource Center for developers - the best one I have seen for developers and architects. And wait another few months and you will see the content here more than triple.

3. JBoss announced the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform (EPP), based on our joint open source project, GateIn. JBoss further expanded this with the availability of EPP Site Publisher, which is a total web solution with the bundling of the eXo Web Content Management solution.

All of these announcements have put eXo into the position of helping to modernize Java. Java shops have always built great transactional and relational database driven apps. But the world has blown by that with things like Contact, Rich Search, Collaboration and Social becoming part of every website and application. And deployment is no longer about having a dedicated, controlled cluster of machines, but distributed application assembly and mashup functionality. Getting new capabilities to engage customers and users and get leverage out of those enterprise Java apps.

Java was getting boring. eXo makes it fun again! Java developers - time to download some open source stuff and see how fast you can put some mashup "umpf" into your apps...


Matt Asay said…
Cool to see eXo taking more of a leadership role in the industry, rather than that of a small Euro startup. Some cool things in the portal/WCM work they're doing.

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