JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform - Site Publisher

I was up at JBoss World this week for the big announcement of JBoss EPP and EPP Site Publisher. I got to meet with a number of customers, sales, marketing and core developers. Great to reconnect with so many old friends. And especially great to see the excitement behind this new announcement. A couple of observations:

- Customers are very interested in either adding these capabilities to their existing JBoss apps, or in upgrading to a more modern architecture and features from their old (read outdated) portals like Vignette, Oracle and IBM.

- Red Hat/JBoss sales likes the fact they are no longer behind in terms of features. EPP5 takes them ahead of every other alternative in the market. And JBoss customers no longer have to go to three vendors to get what they want! They expect EPP-SP to make a significant dent in their quotas this year.

- Everyone likes the idea of being able to get Portal and Web Content Management from one vendor with the size and credibility of JBoss.

- A lot of customers want to add on the solution sets eXo has available - Social, Collaboration, Knowledge and Enterprise Content Management.

Here is the official press release from eXo. We are indeed humbled by the fact that JBoss has selected both our portal and web content management software as the best in the market and what they feel comfortable taking to market under the Red Hat and JBoss brand. Having them take our technology to market here allows us to focus on the future and prepare for the Cloud!

Here is how Red Hat explains the new product:
"JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform Site Publisher, a rich web content management and workflow product to address an organization’s web content needs, powered by eXo. Site Publisher is a new, optional add on component to JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 5.0 providing an additional set of web content management features. Site Publisher is expected to be a fully supported add-on component released concurrently with future JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform releases."


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