eXo Emerges as Alternative to Liferay + Alfresco

For the past 5 years Liferay and Alfresco have had great growth and emerged as the leaders in the US for Open Source Portal and Content Management. Over the past year I have seen eXo grow from leading the French market in this same space to be the emerging, modern alternative to Liferay + Alfresco. The diagram at the right (from the Real Story Group) shows how eXo has taken a lead over Liferay in both the evolution of the vendor and the product development.

There are several key reasons for that shift:
  • Partnership with Red Hat. Clearly Red Hat taking our product to market on a worldwide basis, having the resources to meet the needs of the largest customers is a big win.
  • Benjamin Mestrallet, the founder and CEO, moved to the US and opened an office in San Francisco. This has helped spur new relationships (some announced and many in the works) as well as visibility in the world market.
  • Funding to allow us to expand and meet the additional worldwide demands and build out our new technology.
  • eXo Platform 3.0. The product launch last month was met with rave reviews and fulfills the vision we set out to accomplish - to build the foundations for the next generation User Experience Platform.
eXo Platform 3.0 is a huge refresh of the foundation of our technology and brings together the critical elements that customers are demanding today. The foundation is modern and modular - allowing customers to use the technology for the solution they need. It provides interfaces from the Java API level to REST Service level up to pre-built application services with gadget-based user interfaces.

The solutions provided by eXo Platform 3.0 are also complete and integrated - no need to get a separate Portal and Web Content Management product and glue them together yourself. In addition, solutions for Social Intranet, Collaboration and Knowledge Management are tightly integrated.

We are having fun bringing some life back into this market.


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