Spring Introduces Code2Cloud

It looks like the big guys are following the lead that CloudBees took back in August to bring Cloud Services to developers and QA groups.

Spring announced its upcoming (Q1, 2011) Code2Cloud offering this week - http://www.springsource.com/code2cloud. It is a nice announcement that reconfirms the direction that CloudBees – www.CloudBees.com is taking.

The Cloud can definitely bring Development and QA processes great improvements in costs and agility. Spring seems to be focusing its early Cloud efforts on trying to tie it easily to Eclipse and several other projects like Mylyn, Git, Hudson and Bugzilla. The basic idea is that a developer sitting in Eclipse can run services that reside in the Cloud. Since it is several months away for Beta, it is difficult to tell how open or scalable it will be. For example, there was no mention of Maven, SVN, Ant, scalability for Hudson, or long term positioning of a Java PaaS.

CloudBees has taken a different approach for our first version of DEV@Cloud (http://www.cloudbees.com/dev.cb). We view Continuous Integration as a “hub” Cloud Service, surrounded by other important services like Git, SVN, Maven, Ant, etc. The diagram below explains our strategy, especially when you consider the 350+ plug-ins for Hudson. This gives teams the ability to choose the tools and create the processes that are right for them.

Since we are running this on our PaaS, we have built in services that allow for any number of Hudson jobs running in parallel, thanks to our unique dynamic Hudson build agents provisioning feature. This means that CloudBees scales dynamically to meet any load demand that you have.

This is going to be a fun and dynamic market. Expect to see CloudBees emerge as a real innovation leader.


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