CloudBees and Stax - Why?

There are going to be many companies in the Platform as a Service space. In spite of (now two in the past two months) acquisitions, it will take us a long time to get bigger than VMWare, Salesforce and Red Hat. But what we can do is be the innovation leader in PaaS.

There are two ways we will become the innovation leader:
1. Really smart people.
2. Get stuff done.

Spike and Garrett are the leads that join us from Stax. They saw the vision of PaaS back in 2007, and have been building a great, rock solid platform the past three years. Their deep background in middleware and data service layers enabled them to see the opportunity and pitfalls and challenges. And while they have a few arrows in their backs from the early leadership they have shown, they are even smarter from the experience. They join a "rock star" team that includes KK, Michael, Vivek, Ryan, Adrian, Caleb, Fabian and others who are all just very bright.

So we probably have the highest concentration of top talent that I have seen. The cool thing is they all get stuff done. They are all known for being able to get software out the door in a way that users find simple to use, secure and reliable.

The amount of complementary technology between the Stax and CloudBees PaaS is staggering. Stax brings the experience of having a PaaS that that thousands of applications have been deployed on with high transaction volume (over 5,000 transactions per minute in one of the iPhone apps that runs there). The CloudBees PaaS has been running under the DEV@cloud Beta program since August. We have over 300 beta users who have logged over 300,000 build minutes. We have had customers dynamically scale over 50 build agents on demand.

Quite simply, the combined PaaS will have more features, more coverage, more scalability, mo reliability, and more security than any other PaaS in the marketplace today.

Really Smart People + Getting Stuff Done = Innovation the market can use.


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