Hudson - the perfect on ramp to the Cloud

CloudBees announced today that it has joined forces with InfraDNA and Kohsuke Kawaguchi (KK). I've been trying to convince KK to join CloudBees since last spring. So I am happy.

There are two reasons why I'm happy. First, KK is a great guy. Smart, driven in an easy going way, and someone who can create something out of nothing. The second reason is that CloudBees believes Hudson and Continuous Integration are the core of making the development - QA - build - release cycle more agile. Witness the rapid adoption of Hudson across Java, Ruby, PHP and .Net shops. Also witness the number of plug-ins (over 350) of the open source Hudson community.

We felt we wanted to help make this community successful, and to provide innovation that allows this community to move toward the Cloud - offering them the opportunity of even further agility and cost savings.

CloudBees is now offering a new product - Nectar. Nectar is a subscription offering for Hudson users. It provides:
  • Support for Nectar and Hudson
  • Enhanced plugins - like VMWare scalability
  • Bundled hours of CloudBees DEV@Cloud service for expanding beyond internal resources
The CloudBees strategy is quite simple. We want to help customers get applications from developers to users as fast and cost effectively as possible. We now offer Hudson and other services from on-premise to the Cloud. In 2011 we will add the next step - a full Platform as a Service so that Java applications can "click and deploy" - essentially eliminating layers of IT overhead and cost.


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