Oracle Doesn't Get Open Source

Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the creator of the Hudson Open Source project woke up Monday morning and discovered he was no longer able to access the Source Code Repository to make commits. Oracle had decided to shut it down, as they are shutting down many projects in to try to move it to their own infrastructure. Not only that, but the mailing lists were shut down as well. They said not to worry, they will have it up in a week.

No notice, no transition plan, no respect for the open source community or the project creator.

Fortunately KK knows open source better than Oracle. And KK knows how to run an open source infrastructure better.

He and others in the community moved the mailing list archive and list to Google Groups and Nabble - so there is better functionality and search capability than before. He moved the source code to Git -

He did this all in a few hours. All completely open. Oracle is still a week away from completion… But the community is up and running!


Alexis MP said…
The migration had long been planned. So it's a bit unfair to paint this as a sudden shut down of service.

The move to the new infrastructure is complete for a good number of projects, with the other ones done in a few hours if all goes well. And we're talking full migration with roles, issues, code and mailing lists preserved
Rey Abisan said…
Java and to some degree .Net are the main choices because they have been consistently pegged as the “safe” choice to go with for mid-level project managers in the corporate world. No one was ever fired for choosing Java or Microsoft.

However, there are many large distributed applications these days that run primarily with technologies like Python, PHP, et al. Even companies like Google and Yahoo are heavily invested in these technologies. Java may be the main choice for enterprise development now, but it’s days are numbered as the only stalwart option to go with.

Let’s face it, many of these so called “enterprise applications” could easily have been written much faster and with less overhead using technologies like Python, PHP, et al.

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Anonymous said…
Apparently there was a (unoticed) notice.
Ruurd said…
So eh yeah, what's new...
Unknown said…
Your characterization is not in alignment with the facts. The migration plan to Kenai infrastructure has been public for almost a year and has been communicated out to project owners almost continually. See

- Justin Kestelyn, Oracle Technology Network
Bob said…
@chm and @Justin. Yes, my sentence about Oracle not giving notice was inaccurate. KK did get an email on Friday warning the services would be shut down on Sunday. Also, my sentence about no transition plan was inaccurate, apparently there was one.

I think most of the rest of what I said is fairly accurate or my opinion. More coordination with KK and Winston to communicate with the community would have been good. Also a temporary solution like the community put in place would have been a good idea rather than a shut down of those services.

I'll also note the community seems to like the availability on Git -

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