If Hudson Community renames Hudson to Jenkins, Will Oracle Fork?

The Hudson community is currently voting on whether to rename the project.

Since it is on Github, my assumption is that if there is a name change, then it will simply be made to the project. That would then mean that Oracle would then fork from that code and I am guessing bring it onto it's own servers.

There have been other instances where a project renamed itself. I recall with EJBoss was told by Sun it was breaking the EJB trademark and had to rename itself. Probably one of the biggest favors Sun ever did for JBoss.

However, I am not aware of a project renaming itself like this and a fork happening back to the previous name. I wonder if this is a first?


pelegri said…
The whole OSS Oracle/Sun experience is generating quite a bit of real-life (cf. theoretical) scenarios on how OSS works...

And, no, I don't know of any case like Hudson/Jenkins.

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