Marc Fleury Comments on Oracle and Open Source

Marc has a way of boiling things down to the essence...

"There is also a large dose of ignorance of how "things work" on the part of Oracle in how it approaches these problems. At the end of the day, an OSS project is lead by a few individuals that truly drive the community. If Oracle feels it "owns" certain projects but the work is done outside the company, then Oracle doesn't own shit. Point in case when it gets down to it in Hudson, it seems to me that Kohsuke Kawaguchi, also known as KK, and his friends do all the work, while Oracle just waves their arms wildly. A community without its community of developers is an empty vessel, and Oracle is about to learn this lesson."

The last time I posted something negative about Oracle and Open Source I was threatened with libel - so be careful Marc!


Unknown said…
heh, thanks for the heads up. I will be waiting for the lawyers notice, shaking in my boots.

You know it is a bit sad that they seem so clue-less on how to engage OSS communities.

Not sure where all this will end up. But if is treated like free resources that should comply, I wonder.

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