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What is Bob doing?

My background is in technology ( ). Several years ago, the company I was with, Bluestone, had been acquired by HP. HP eventually decided to shut the division down, and it was a pretty difficult time - one of those times where you take time to step back and say "What is really important in life?" At that time, I hatched a plan that I am now fulfilling. There were a couple of basic themes to the plan. First, I wanted to figure out a way to give back to people like people had given to me. Second, I wanted to be directly involved with these things. Third, I wanted to "be local" - meaning doing something that I could see directly in my own community. I came up with two themes - running and education. I had run competitively in high school and college. My experience at Bucknell University was particularly life-influencing. It taught me the value of working hard, and working together as a team. So I decided to become a high school cross countr

Why blog?

A number of people have suggested that I do some blogging. Plus, I have a number of parallel streams running in my life these days, and it is a useful way to communicate. Plus, I really, really need to re-make my web site, but have zero time right now - so this a quick and dirty way to communicate. So here goes...