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Great announcement. The only problem with it is that it is not available today. But today will come soon enough... For SalesForce, this is a huge step in saying they want to be a major Cloud deployment platform. They want all Java apps to run on their infrastructure - it is no longer about just hosting their own programming model. This also jumps up a level from what Amazon and Google and Rackspace are offering in terms of ease of use and deployment for Java apps. And of course their trump card is access to their database and apps and users - the thing that has proved a virtuous cycle of bringing 3rd party apps and more customers to SalesForce. For VMWare and Spring, it is a major proof point of their platform and applicability for the Cloud. It gives them a solid use-case to focus their development efforts on to adapt Spring to the new era of Cloud-enabling middleware (not a trivial task), and provides a clear higher level use case for moving to the Cloud. Of course VMWare a

Looking for a Developer & Runner

We have started the search for another developer and runner at We are doing things in PHP and MySQL and Linux. Looking for someone who likes to learn (we have some plans for iPhone and Android as well as more Facebook and Twitter work) and has interest in building Internet start-ups. Also someone who runs and would understand the running community that we serve. Location is not important, as we work from our homes. Part-time is OK as well. If you know someone, send them my way...