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JBoss Recollections Part 3 - The Tech Team

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 before reading this, or you may get lost and confused.  Part 3 involves my memories of the Technical Team, which was the heart and soul of JBoss.  The foundation that made everything possible.  BTW, in this article, it is worth clicking on the links - there are some historical and hysterical ones... The chart at the right is from June, 2004.  As mentioned earlier, I did not start working with JBoss until September, 2002.  I won't go into all the folks on the right, and I'll add a few. The one important person involved with the JBoss technology that I never met was Rickard Oberg .  Many give him credit for the Microkernel architecture and building much of the early versions of JBoss.  He left before I got there.  I was never clear on what happened, but my impression is that both he and Marc had strong opinions and that finally led to his departure.  I do know that Marc always talked well about him.  Marc offered him some of the Economic Inter

JBoss Recollections - Part 2

This is Part 2 of my personal recollections of JBoss.  Please read  Part 1  first, unless you are one of those people who eat desert first. In Part 1, I had left that first meeting in New York being very impressed with JBoss and Marc.  We agreed to meet on October 7, 2002 in Atlanta.  We actually met in my hotel room with Marc, Ben and Marc's father, Daniel. Daniel was an elegant man.  I know that may sound strange - but between his French accent, his strong experience of the world (He had been an executive for P&G in Europe), his sharp questions and easy manner - I really liked him.  Marc credits him with a lot of the inspiration and confidence to do JBoss.  You can see a dedication and picture of Marc and Daniel on the right in Marc's "White" paper . We had a number of discussions between our initial meeting and reviewing this set of slides that I have sprinkled on the side of the page here.  In this meeting we kind of laid out the basic roadmap for

JBoss Recollections - Part 1

I just read Matt Asay's article - Unstoppable JBoss 'mafia' has big tech biz in its crosshairs .  It really got me thinking about the old days and all the great people at JBoss.  I have no idea if my motivation (and available time) will enable me to finish, but I thought I would share my recollections and some of the stories I saw unfold at JBoss.  While I actually never really did anything at JBoss, I was in a position to see a lot of things happen across all aspects of the company.  Hopefully I won't mis-represent anything, and encourage others to correct me, or add to the story lines, or create their own recollections.  It was an interesting ride... Meeting JBoss My first interaction with JBoss was shortly after Bluestone had been acquired by HP.  We had become interested in the idea of open source for our app server, but were precluded from it by our licenses with Sun for J2EE.   Rich Friedman was then the CTO for us and he tried to make contact with JBoss to