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Continuous Delivery and Jenkins 2.0

There are some exciting things happening in the Jenkins community and at CloudBees. The first thing is that Kohsuke Kawaguchi has announced the start of the Jenkins 2.0 Roadmap :  " Jenkins is over 10 years old, and it came quite a long way. I still remember the first few plugins that I wrote by myself, and now we have close to 1100 plugins. What's started as a hobby project that had run under my desk today boasts more than 100K installations driving half a million-ish build machines. . . . So I propose we do Jenkins 2.0 to fix this. There are three important goals that I see in Jenkins 2.0. We need to claim our rightful place in Continuous Delivery. We have lots of pieces that address these modern needs, but we are not communicating this very well. We need to revisit out of the box experience, so that Jenkins itself speaks that story and makes it clear what we are aiming for. Our software needs to speak for itself and tell people where we are going, so that