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Why Kohsuke and Launchable are Important

Launchable announced today that Kohsuke Kawaguchi is a co-founding member along with Harpreet Singh. Why is this important? Well obviously because of two things - Kohsuke and how their company will improve DevOps with a new era of testing. Why is Kohsuke Important? In short, because of a proven background of creating a massively used technology, in an open and inclusive platform and community, and has done so in a humble manner. Kohsuke created Jenkins (then Hudson) while he was a developer at Sun. He saw a chance to have software serve his need of doing continuous integration - automating the cumbersome build-test-deploy cycle. He soon realized it could be used by his colleagues and the rise of Jenkins began. In December, 2019, there were 264,000 locations with 992,000 nodes running Jenkins, running 32,870,000 jobs. Take a look at  t he Jenkins statistics page to see the up and to the right trends that Kohsuke started 15 years ago. So Kohsuke might have gotten lucky by