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VMWare Exec makes my day

It was a really good day yesterday.  Very productive on lots of fronts, and a ton of good news for CloudBees.  We got in the Jolt Awards  - " Cloudbees was included for special distinction because we strongly feel it indicates an important new direction in coding. The product is still in its infancy, but we think its importance to the market warrants inclusion for a special award." And we got named one of the 9 Hot Startups by NetworkWorld . Then as I was getting ready for bed James Watters of VMWare posted this: wattersjames   James Watters   @   @ stevengharris  who in their right mind would take that troll blog by @ bobbickel  seriously? It doesn't even have its facts right around price Well, a little tweet storm erupted that I will copy here for posterity purposes and ease of reading.  There are two blog posts in question:  How Will PaaS be Priced ,  and Why VMWare Loves and Hates the Cloud . bobbickel   bobbickel   I'm a tr