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CloudBees Opens up VMWare and OpenStack for Developers

CloudBees announced today that our Platform as a Service for Java , RUN@cloud, will be running on VMWare's ubiquitous vSphere and the emerging OpenStack platform. This is great news for Java developers and people deploying Java applications. Platform as a Service is certainly sweeping the development community like app servers did a decade ago. It brings a new level of savings, efficiency and agility. No need to worry about all the deployment and provisioning details. Just develop and go! PaaS is part of a stack, though. And customers will have many requirements about the stack they run on. This announcement opens up all sorts of flexible and affordable options for running your Java applications: - Run on Amazon. - Run on your own servers that have vSphere already. - Run on your own servers on the new, low cost, open source OpenStack IaaS. This addresses many customer's desire to get off the VMWare high cost virtualization wagon. It moves the virtualization up to the