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Wanted: Running Web Wizard

We are looking for a new person at the store since Marc Pelerin is going to be moving to California. Moorestown Running Company is a specialty running store in Moorestown New Jersey. We are seeking a motivated web designer and enthusiastic store associate. You will work in our Moorestown store helping to build and design our website, doing customer marketing and helping runners and walkers select the proper equipment. You will have the opportunity to serve the running community, work with passionate staff and an experienced technology consultant as you develop an expanding running specialty website and growing store. The applicant should have related experience in web design and development, working with tools like Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator. PHP and Javascript experience is a plus. A strong desire to learn and keep expanding your skills is required. In addition to web development, you must demonstrate a willingness to work with customers and learn about properly f

My History with Middleware and Management - like Peanut butter and jelly

In 1996 we started a project called the Bluestone (actually Sapphire at the time) Application Manager. Kevin Minder led the project, Larry McCay and Rich Friedman were also key guys on the project as well. We felt it was very important to have Management tightly tied to our middleware. We saw tremendous synergies where customers could go way beyond simple Systems Management and move toward Application Management. I remember Kevin talking with me about how we could actually build something that was way better than things like Tivoli. Here is a link to a snapshot of the old Bluestone site - Fast forward to 2002 and when I first started working with Marc Fleury and JBoss. In my first presentation to Marc on my recommendations on where JBoss could go I had a slide that said we needed to create something like the Red Hat Network for middleware. It would give us value that we could bundle in our Subscription and it would allow us to go from the developer side of the house into the

Spring – Hyperic - the future of Internet Infrastructure

Spring announced today that they acquired Hyperic (I have been on the board at Hyperic since 2006 and known them since JBoss decided to use HQ as the foundation of the JBoss Network in 2005). This is the future. The past has been about J2EE Application Servers, Operating Systems, Servers, heavy-weight Enterprise Middleware and Systems Management. The past has burdened companies with high costs and inflexible environments that do not allow them to respond to market and customer dynamics. Over the past couple of years and into the next several years a new architecture has taken hold. Built around the flexibility of the Internet. Cloud Services. Virtualization. These are the things that let companies take advantage of rapid market shifts and to achieve much lower cost levels. Traditional Middleware and Systems Management have not kept up with this new environment. The combination of Spring and Hyperic provides the Internet Infrastructure for new business applications to be de