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CloudBees Launches Hudson as a Service

In my 2009 year end blog I hinted at the new start-up being created by my friend Sacha Labourey , the former CTO of JBoss. I am happy to say the past 9 months have flown by and Sacha and the team have created something truly exciting. The vision of CloudBees is to offer a Java Platform as a Service. This is cool, but the market will take time to evolve. The interesting twist that CloudBees has come up with is to offer real services to the Java community as a Cloud based service (kind of like how SalesForce is useful to sales teams, CloudBees will initially be very useful to development teams). I call the core of the offering “ Hudson as a Service ” (HaaS). In case you do not know, Hudson is an open source Continuous Integration project. It allows development teams to set it up to watch for any code changes in places like svn and git, automagically do a build with things like Ant and Maven, do tests and then take actions like rolling back or rolling forward! It has reached sim