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Coaching Madness

I help Lorenzo Eagles and Joe Halin coach the Moorestown Cross Country team ( It is the favorite thing I do. We have a great and fun team, growing from under 20 guys to over 50 guys the past four years. We have a mix of guys on the team - some putting in a tremendous amount of effort doing 50+ miles per week year round, and others who just really enjoy being on the team, competing and running at a level they are comfortable with. Today was the State Meet. Our team did great, running a team average time of 17:10, which is a school record at Holmdel. We qualified to go on to the Meet of Champions next week, which is a great honor. Now to the point - I was talking to another coach after the race. He was yelling because he was so upset (red in the face upset). Apparently one of his runners did not run up to his expectations and "cost them moving on to the Meet of Champions." He recounted at high decibels that this "f-ing kid" lost X pla