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CloudBees - The Pipeline to DevOps

Sometimes a combination of market forces, technology changes and people coalesce into a rare opportunity. That is happening for CloudBees now. DevOps has been hot for the past few years, but the recent GitHub acquisition by Microsoft put an exclamation point on it that reverberated in the industry and beyond. In 1913, Henry Ford put together the idea of the assembly line to produce cars faster with higher quality. Today, almost every business and organization on the planet is based on software at some level - to track orders, to win new customers, and even to replace old business models. And the key competitive advantage is creating better software, faster. Several years ago, the idea of DevOps emerged - basically cutting the overhead and shrinking the time to market. Companies like GitHub were created to allow developers to share code and make changes faster. A clever guy at Sun, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, saw a personal and organizational problem way before the DevOps revolut