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Why I Voted for Obama

I thought I would share how I came to the decision to vote for Obama.  I know it violates one of those basic social and business etiquette rules: Not talking about politics.  I respect everyone's opinions, and love the messy democratic process where people get to express their opinions and vote and majority rules.   This is not going to be one of those nasty types of posts about how bad the other guy is.  That fits my general optimistic attitude! I will break this into four sections – Social Issues, International Relations, the Economy, and the Candidate. Social Issues Here are some of my basic beliefs: Universal Healthcare is a good and necessary thing.  The first sentence of the Constitution says "promote the general Welfare" as a fundamental part of forming this country.  The government is the only way to do things like provide for defense, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility and provide these fundamentals to our citizens. Social Safety