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45.2 - 17 Metrics to Watch

We will see how Donnie's measurements go over the next 4 years. This is a very quantifiable list of 17 metrics to track: .

45.1 - Give and Take: America First

As 45 takes office, I happen to be reading Adam Grant's Give and Take . The central premise is that Takers can have short term success, but over the long term Givers have much higher degrees of success. Obviously Donnie is a Taker (I'll refer to him as Donnie because you can just imagine what he was like in the sandbox as a kid and there was one dump truck toy to play with). He has to be the "winner". This has resonated with a majority of the Electoral College, so he gets to set the public persona of America. And his "America First" approach is clearly the "Taker" approach that Grant writes about in his book. This works very well for short term negotiations, which seem to be Donnie's focus. He wants to renegotiate all trade and defense agreements to save us a few dollars. There are two problems with this approach. First, people see right thru the charade and play to the ego. This is seen by the march of CEO's to Donnie's Castle