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AnyCloud - The New Generation for Middleware

In 1994 a couple of companies all started working on a new architecture for developing and deploying applications on the Web.  I was lucky to be at one of the pioneers of the Application Server market, Bluestone.  It was a compelling vision, especially when Sun stepped up and generated a set of standard around Enterprise Java.  Write your code once and then deploy it to any compatible App Server.  Your operations team would be able to configure many servers to distribute the load and handle massive volumes of traffic. In 2002 I joined the next generation to move things forward with Professional Open Source at JBoss.  This was great because it put power back in developers hands, and lots more people could afford to develop apps, and those apps and JBoss grew up to be core parts of infrastructure around the world, taking on traditional enterprise vendors like IBM, BEA and Oracle. In 2010, Sacha Labourey started CloudBees with the vision to bring a Cloud and Service-based architect