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eXo Social Project Released

We rolled out our Social open source project yesterday. To me there are two interesting things that Java shops will now be able to do very easily: 1. Activity Streams. Rich Friedman calls this the new Home Page. In Facebook land this translates to other messages posted by friends. In the Enterprise world, this means events that happen in the organization. The critical events in an organization are typically tracked by enterprise Java Apps - things like new sales, new leads, escalation of problems, thresholds being hit, inventory levels rising or dropping too fast. With eXo Social, we make it easy to let users have access to these events via their own Activity Stream. 2. The Real Organization. Companies are not always run by the formal organization, but the informal network that is created when individuals work collaboratively to solve problems and move the company forward. Social networking has a bad image of employees wasting time with Farmville, but when implemented within

New version of RunSignUp Coming

There is an exciting new release of coming next week! We would like to invite all of our race directors to be a part of our testing process . All you need to do is go to . You should be able to login with your usual username and password (there is a convenient button if you forgot your password that will set up a new one for you). We have your registered users for your race as of a few days ago. The best thing to do is go in and try to add some of the new features, like store items or a donation or a coupon code and see how your race page looks. Go ahead and add runners to your event. The credit card processing is NOT hooked up – so there will be no charges if you test that out. And we will not be saving any of this data or any of the changes you make to your test race. Let us know any fe edback or suggestions. Thanks! Here is a look at the major new features: Easy Family Sign Up. Allows a person to sign up multiple people